How amazing is darkness. It justifies the end of a tiring day. It’s the time when you speak to yourself. The setting sun heralds the onset of dusk.



The epiphany of your inner thoughts

Flowing like a Cascade

So crystalline yet so bizarre

Destroying the tranquility encompassing me,

Being so incorpeal and ineffable

Increasing the rate of Caprice,

I try ambushing them beneath

A beautiful chrysalis,

Love is so abstract and amphorous

I consider it serendipitous,

I become rhapsodic

This feeling is so idyllic,

The empyrean is blue

I am lost in the dingle about which I have no clue,

This magic of love is mediocre

But so enchanting.

Dreams Unchased

I’ve been thinking on and on

It still doesn’t seem my struggles have gone

Twisted my life has been

Like braids maybe

I delve into my dreams

What I see,none believes

What I feel,I try to hide

Thinking that someone might mind

In my heart,they are the cause

To wage a catastrophe

I looked up at the moonlight

Sat by the seaside

Waves kept leaping by feeling gay(happy)

I tried washing my tears away

I realized how unsatisfying life has been

But walked away silently

The talent hidden under an innocent face

But closed in a case

Meant to be showed off

But rather shoved off

Only if someone could understand

The feelings of a common woman

Her dreams Unchased

Dreams having no face

Wings of freedom

People say cut your wings. But I say don’t do it. God had given you a brain to control when to fly and when to land. He has given you legs. By chance if you lose your wings and you fall, you will be able to stand and start afresh!

Dark is beautiful

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It’s time of the dark

When your inner soul Sparks

Asks you to chase your fears

Your soul whispers in your ears

You have thoughts to ponder

Which you would never like to wonder

All the lassitude fades
When you and your soul coalace

Your heart screams

Asks you to tear

The mask you wear

Unveiling the true who?

A mysterious and beautiful you

It’s time of the dark

When your guts bark

You have certain temptations

Your desires are ready for cremation

It’s time for them to be realised

Said a spirit in me which never died